About us

About us


A world where you live, where and how it makes you happy.

We have experienced it ourselves and have therefore realized that looking for accommodation is not a pleasure: it is easy to find time-consuming to find apartments that really fit. And we can all do without the eternal queuing at viewings. This is where we come in - with Housy, we offer you an alternative to the current stress in the flat hunt.

Our mission

Finding an apartment as easy as booking a hotel room - that is the dream. Housy is turning it into reality. We know the struggles of searching for an apartment that only end in frustration and lost time. But we channeled these negative experiences into our vision: to revolutionize the real estate market!

Through intelligent algorithms Housy gets you in touch with matching apartments directly from the landlord. We focus on coherent navigation and seamless communication. Here we offer counseling and guidance with the goal to get you two together. Regardless of your conditions, only you decide which apartments really fit and to whom you would like to talk.

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