Frequently asked questions



We appreciate your trust.

Our safety promises are an integral part of the way we work every day. Our success depends on how responsibly we handle your information. Therefore, privacy has top priority with us. We ensure this with the latest security standards and the best possible encryption.

  • Why is Housy free?

    We figured that the apartment search is already difficult enough and we have deliberately decided against a payment model at the expense of the apartment seekers. That is why we have established a model where the only costs occurring are on the landlord side.

  • Why do I not see any apartments after registration?

    Our goal is to simplify the entire process of searching and renting apartments. To this end, we have reversed the current process, so that the tenant is no longer searching for the right apartment, but the landlord is searching for the tenant. Therefore, you will only see apartments if you have been selected by the landlord. This saves time and money on both sides.

  • How can I search in additional locations or neighborhoods?

    In your Dashboard you have the possibility to create several search requests. Just click on the button "Create another search request". With each new search request you can search specifically for different districts, quarters or places.

  • When do I get a response to my search profile?

    As a rule of thumb, you will receive apartment offers that match your search profile after only a few days. In some cases, however, the landlord will wait a little longer until he has found the best candidate. Our tip: Complete documents improve your chances with landlords tremendously.

  • When will I be invited to visit the apartment?

    We want to put an end to chaotic mass viewings, so landlords, who are looking for a suitable tenant on Housy, only invite those applicants that match their criteria. The higher your match score, the higher are your chances to be invited.

  • Who can see my search profile?

    Your complete personal profile is never publicly visible. For the landlord, only an anonymous profile is visible. This anonymous profile shows the landlord only in which criteria your search profile matches with the preferences of the landlord.

  • When can a landlord see my complete search profile?

    Once the landlord selects you for his apartment, you will receive the listing. You can easily read the description of this property get thought all the pictures. If you like the apartment, just give the landlord full access to your detail profile. You can withdraw the access to your detailed profile at any time.

  • Do I need to upload my documents?

    No, you are, of course, not required to provide any documents. You can still fully use Housy. Our tip is, however, to provide the usual documents such as a proof of salary, the „Schufaauskunft“ (Information on your SCHUFA credit record) or a copy of your ID card for the landlord.

  • What happens to my data and documents?

    Your data will only be used for our matching. The landlord does not have access to your documents at any time. If you are a potential tenant for the landlord, he will send you his listing. If you like his apartment, you can give access to your detail profile. Your uploaded documents can only be actively sent by you to the landlord with our built-in message function. We also assure you that we do not forward your data to any third parties at any time.

  • Why is my data protected by Housy?

    Compared to the normal application process, Housy offers significant advantages in terms of your data protection. On the one hand, you do not give your entire data directly and in advance to the landlord with every application. Our matching algorithm compares your data anonymously and without bias with the preferences of the landlord without publishing your full profile. Only you can decide which landlord gets your access to your full profile. You can withdraw the access to your detailed profile at any time.

    In addition, all landlords have been verified by Housy and are regularly checked by us. Should landlords misbehave they will be blocked immediately.