Frequently asked questions



We appreciate your trust.

Our safety promises are an integral part of the way we work every day. Our success depends on how responsibly we handle your information. Therefore, privacy has top priority with us. We ensure this with the latest security standards and the best possible encryption.

  • How do I create my listing on Housy?

    The easiest way to create a new listing starts in your dashboard. Once you are logged in, you will find the „Listings“ section in your dashboard. Here you can easily start the creation process and are guided by the creation of your new listing. In just a few minutes you can put your real estate on Housy.

  • How long does a listing appear?

    On Housy you do not publish a temporary listing. There is no subscription fee and you can contact as many tenants as you like with your listing.

    If your listing succeeded or the apartment is no longer vacant it can be deleted from our database with only one click.

  • Why can’t I contact potential tenants directly?

    At Housy you can contact potential tenants free of charge for your property. Once the tenant has confirmed your offer, you can contact them directly.

  • Why should I also list rented apartments?

    The possibility to list a currently rented apartment free of charge offers many advantages for you. Collect a large pool of potential tenants even before the property gets vacant. As soon as your object becomes vacant you can than invite this pool within a short amount of time and re-rent your property within a few hours.

  • How does Housy find the best tenant?

    For each tenant, the Housy algorithm calculates a matching result. This result shows the amount of conformity of the tenant profile with your preferences. Profiles that are higher in the ranking have a higher conformity with your preferences.

  • At what point can I see the detail profile of an applicant?

    First you will only see the basic profile of the tenant. Send them your advertisement and if the tenant is interested in your offer, you will get full access to the detailed profile. This includes all data as entered by the applicant. The access to the detailed profile can be withdrawn at any time by the tenant.